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Build Sustainable Strength, Mobility and Ease


At Halswell Yoga we specialise in helping beginners and experienced Yogis unlock their movement potential by combining traditional Vinyasa Yoga with exercise science principles

Science Informed Yoga and Movement


We limit our class numbers to just 5 students so you can be individually supported while connecting with others who are also investing in their wellbeing.

Sarah has a very unique approach to teaching yoga and I love it. Moves are built up gradually so you feel worked out without the strain. A great balance of physical and spiritual invigoration, and a lasting feeling of bliss. I am so lucky to have found Halswell Yoga and cannot recommend it highly enough.

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- Mondays 6.00PM-7.00PM

Halswell Yoga Foundations of Flow

Foundations of Flow is the place to start, or re-start, your Yoga practice. 

We keep it simple. We explore movement skills that’ll gradually build into bigger, more challenging postures and sequences as you’re ready for them.

You’ll have space to explore, try a progression, or rest as you need to.

With consistent practice you will:

  • Get stronger and more ‘actively’ mobile
  • Increase your stress resilience
  • Find your Flow
  • Gain confidence

Mondays 7.15PM - 8.15PM

Halswell Yoga Slow Flow

The ideal progression from Foundations of Flow, or a great place to start if you’ve hit a plateau and you’re seeking more movement variety. 

Endurance Flow is physically demanding and will take your mindfulness practice deeper.

  • Explore ‘non-Yoga’ movement to give your body new inputs
  • Work toward more complex postures and sequences
  • Build on foundational strength and mobility.

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Your Questions Answered

Rather than teaching a specific ‘style’ of Yoga, I draw on both traditional Yoga practices AND modern exercise science principles to help you re-claim your mobility, build strength AND reduce stress. 

Classes are intelligently designed to move you towards specific postures and sequences in a sustainable way. 

I understand quality is key and I haven’t skimped on my training.

I continue to enquire into the science and traditions of Yoga through both formal ongoing education programs as well as via books, podcasts and blogs from thought leaders in my own field, as well as in the fields of: exercise science, anatomy & physiology, biomechanics, pain science and psychology to name a few.

To date, I’ve completed:

In process:

And I’m a member of the following Professional Associations:

I want you to be comfortable, so I recommend your favourite active wear.

Bring extra layers to use during relaxation practices. 

Please avoid strong perfumes as some people react to them. 

I provide all equipment, but if you have a close personal relationship with your own mat – please feel free to bring it along! 

You can cancel or re-schedule your class through the acuity booking system up until 2 hours prior to the start of your class  (link in your confirmation email).

If you don’t turn up to your class you’ll forfeit the cost.

Classes are non-transferrable.

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