Meet Your Teachers

Halswell Yoga Amy Pearson

Hi, I'm Amy

Having trained in a contemporary approach to yoga, my teachings are less about striving for a “perfect” outward form and are more focussed on an internal inquiry into how these shapes organically evolve in your body.
I encourage exploration of this through fluid movements and mindful transitions with the primary focus on connecting the mind, the breath and the body.
As a working Mum to 2 lively daughters and a boisterous Golden Retriever I am always looking for ways to cultivate calm amongst the chaos and hope to guide you to find your space to do the same.

Hi, I'm Val

Having trained with Contemporary Yoga my approach is based on mindful movement aligned with breath and awareness of a deeper inner discovery.

My hope is to guide you in finding a more easeful state of being that Yoga has unveiled to me and for you to embrace that into your everyday life.

I grew up in Italy and I am now based in Christchurch
working full time as an abseiler, building structures as
rock fall protection above New Zealand roads.

I am passionate about movement, I love studying
anatomy and mind-body connections.

Sarah Wood Yoga
Registered Yoga Detour Instructor

Hi, I'm Sarah

Having trained in Sydney with The Yoga Institute, and more recently in Yoga Detour Method, I approach Yoga asana (postures and sequences) through the lens of sustainable movement.

In my classes you’ll be guided to explore non-Yoga movements to help you later approach Yoga postures more actively with gains in strength and mobility. 

I’ve also completed additional training in Pranayama (energy management through breath), Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy and post-birth.

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